The following testimonials are from actual Aqua Sphere Water Treatment Systems customers who were so tickled with what we did for them, they wanted to share their feelings with you.

This page contains testimonials from our entire service area. If you would like to see comments from only your city, click here.  Testimonials by City


“I was very impressed that they didn’t just come to sell me something. They actually tested the water, looked over the plumbing and everything about our house. Then they designed a custom system to do exactly what we wanted. We didn’t get some cookie cutter machine. We got an Aqua Sphere custom designed system.”

Michael Cosgrove – Lampasas, Texas

“My water used to stink, but since the guys at Aqua Sphere installed the Aquadizer in my well house the smell is gone.”

Kellie Strain – Bertram, Texas

“Since I got my Aqua Sphere Classic my clothes are not yellow and my white plates stay white.”

Jaquelina Mendez – Burnet, Texas

“I just got out of the shower and I feel GREAT! I also noticed a big difference when I washed my cars. I didn’t even have to dry them. I liked the way the Aqua Sphere guys stuck with it and got the installation done no matter what they had to do. I recommend them.”

Jeff Wold – Horseshoe Bay, Texas

“I feel like we got more for the money with Aqua Sphere Exchange Softening. I use less soap in the laundry and save on shampoo as well.”

Evelyn Johnston – Burnet, Texas

” I was extremely impressed with Aqua Sphere’s customer service. They were really concerned with what I cared about and needed. They are also very dependable and punctual, arriving right when they say they will”

Cindi Mouser – Bertram, Texas

“The people at Aqua Sphere were very helpful and were even willing to coordinate with my schedule, which was very important to me. They were very professional and very thorough with explaining the system that was installed and how it works.”

Wendra Galfand – Marble Falls, Texas

“My pipes are clear, my new faucet has no spots, and the pet bowls are clean. Thank you Aqua Sphere, your Classic Softener did the trick for us.”

Kim Carson – Marble Falls, Texas

“The thing I liked most about Aqua Sphere is that they did exactly what they said they were going to do. They were so professional and quick, they made the installation look easy. I can tell the difference on the tiles in the shower and the inside of my ice machine already.”

Carl C. – Kingsland, Texas

“The Aqua Sphere Team eased our apprehensions about getting a new water treatment system. They even took the time to explain the equipment and how it worked”

Karen Berthelot – Burnet, Texas

“The guys from Aqua Sphere were very courteous. Their installation was very clean, way beyond my expectations. I also liked the way they stayed with it until it was complete. They did a great job for me.”

Gerry Hayden – Burnet, Texas

“I appreciate the way they were always on time, courteous, and very polite. I also appreciate the care Aqua Sphere puts into building a custom system for my home that is of the highest quality. I just love my soft water and I love having the Aqua Sphere team available to keep it that way.”

Sherry Moore – Kingsland, Texas

“The entire Aqua Sphere team was polite and very professional. The installer gave me great instructions on how my ASI Classic Softener works and answered all my questions. The ASI Lease to Own was very convenient as well. The thing I most appreciated was the follow-up visit to make sure everything was just right. You don’t find that kind of service often anymore.”

Rick S. – Burnet, Texas

“The Aqua Sphere guys were great. They even took the time to listen to all my concerns and got my installation just the way I wanted it. Now that I have my Aqua Sphere Classic Refiner my water tastes great and is really good on my skin. I also like having the protection for my appliances and saving so much on soap.”

R. Crew – McGregor, Texas

“We love our Aqua Sphere water treatment system! Our well water was so horrible before but now our water is great. Our faucets are clearing up. I like the professionalism – on time, on schedule, on budget. I would recommend them to anyone with nasty smelly well water.”

Rick Hartley – Burnet, Texas

“I am very happy with my Aqua Sphere water treatment system. I use less soap and shampoo than before. I love the Aqua Sphere team is so quick to respond by either answering right away or getting back to you in a very short time.”

Susan Lee – Burnet, Texas

“Your tech was really really good,   walked and talked like a PRO,   got me fixed up and educated,  I really appreciate service like yours,  thank you.”

Ron – Hutto, Texas

I have been in the building industry for 17 years and I have never met or had the pleasure of doing business with a more professional company than Aqua Sphere. I have enjoyed every second working with Alan Branson. He is a true gentleman first and foremost. The knowledge that Alan has amassed over the years is quite impressive. His ability to convey that wisdom to my clients and I is remarkable as well. We have had many in- depth discussions and I always walk away with the feeling that I have just been educated by a really great professor. There is no doubt in my mind he is the leader in water treatment and purification.

When it comes to home building and commercial construction, there is no topic more important than water quality. There is nothing more crucial than the health of your clients and their families! Water is the most essential element in life and no one understands this more than Alan.

Having Alan on the job has given me an incredible sense of comfort and confidence.

Alan and his team maintain the highest level of knowledge, professionalism, pride and integrity. I can always count on Alan and I am proud to call him my friend! Alan and Aqua Sphere are not just purifying water for people! They are improving their “Quality of Life!”


Sincerely yours,

Raymond Hall – Building Texas

“I don’t stink anymore. My clothes smell fresher. The water from my Aqua Sphere refiner made a big difference in my life. The money I spent was money well spent.”

Robert Cabello – San Antonio, Texas

“The install was very neat in a limited space. Aqua Sphere did a great job for us.”

LC (Buddy) Johnston – Burnet, Texas

“I was very pleased with the guys form Aqua Sphere when they installed my ASI Classic Refiner. They were very professional, took their time and didn’t rush through it. They were also very meticulous with their clean up and made sure they picked up every piece of trash.”

W. Crew – McGregor, Texas

“I like the good service provided by Aqua Sphere. They gave me options for more than one faucet and I love the pressure available from the Clean & Clear drinking water system compared to the reverse osmosis I had before.”

Judy Mazuchi – Burnet, Texas

“My experience with Aqua Sphere was great. They tested my water, explained all my options, and didn’t try to sell me more than I needed.”

Keith Thomas – Leander, Texas

“I really like our new Aqua Sphere classic water softener better than the little one piece softener we had before. I also love the way they treat their customers and aren’t pushy”

Dwight Bertram – Pflugerville, Texas

“We have no water spots in the shower like before. Our dishes and car are all spot free. We don’t have to clean out the screens anymore and our skin is nice and soft. Aqua Sphere is great!”

Bob & Judy Hoeft – Ingram, Texas

“They were Johnny on the spot and helped us get out of our previous house. I really like someone who will show up when I need them. I was tired of cleaning lime off my dishes and fixtures and the Aqua Sphere water treatment system took care of that”

Robin Cosgrove – Lampasas, Texas

“The guys at Aqua Sphere really provide good customer service. It was obvious that they know their stuff and they really did a quality job on the installation.”

Jacque Vanheerden – New Braunfels, Texas

“AQUA SPHERE IS AMAZING!!! We are thrilled with how clean our dishes are now. Zack was the sweetest person ever.”

John & Diana Einswick – Georgetown, Texas

Dear ASI,
    Thank you for providing quality water for myself & family.  The itchy skin, rashes are already gone and the water tastes great.  Everyone in your company was very hospitable and more than punctual.  We Love our ASI Classic Refiner and will recommend you to everyone we know.
PJ & Kristi Pelletier – Boerne, Texas

“The Aqua Sphere team was very impressive during the installation of our whole home integrated water treatment system in the construction of our home. All of the water in our home is so nice. No more spots on anything! The Clean & Clear Drinking Water is all we drink now. No more bottled water.”

Kim Shotts – Kingsland, Texas

“I was saved by Aqua Sphere in the past when the other company we had bought from went out of business. This time I wanted to make sure I chose the right company so I chose Aqua Sphere. They put in an Aquadizer, water softener and a Clean & Clear drinking water system and I absolutely love the water in my new home. Even my friends notice the quality of our water and comment on it. The after installation follow-ups and attention to making everything just right is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.”

Judy McKenzie – Bertram, Texas

“Our dishes look better now. The Aqua Sphere team was friendly and professional.”

Blake & Courtney Barnett – Buchanan Dam, Texas

“No more buying bottled water since we got our Aqua Sphere water softener and reverse osmosis. The ice is crystal clear and the water tastes great. I was very impressed with the installer.”

B. Edwards – Llano, Texas

“I noticed the difference the Aqua Sphere Aquadizer and water softener made in the shower the very first day. Our water is crystal clear instead of murky. My Hairdresser even noticed the difference in my hair!”

Brettnay Z. – Bertram, Texas

“We love the softened water from our Aqua Sphere water softener. The Clean & Clear water tastes great and the Aqua Sphere staff was so nice and friendly.”

Karen K. – Burnet, Texas

“I like my new Aqua Sphere classic water softener. The water feels cleaner. I use it for cooking and the food tastes better.”

K. Snowden – Burnet, Texas

“Our water is good to drink now from the Aqua Sphere reverse osmosis and it doesn’t leave crud in the dogs bowls. The Aquadizer did away with all the bad smell. I had to quit using my dishwasher, but now with my Aqua Sphere water softener my dishes are sparkling clean!”

Chris D. – Burnet, Texas

“I just love my new water and so do my orchids. Aqua Sphere provided us with excellent service and all the people are so personable.”

N. Shipley – Austin, Texas

“Our water is not cloudy anymore and the bad smell is gone. I now feel safe drinking my well water. The Aqua Sphere Aquadizer really does the job and the installers were wonderful.”

Lisa B. – Burnet, Texas

“I love my Aqua Sphere Clean&Clear water. My coffee tastes better and I use it all the time in everything. I would highly recommend Aqua Sphere to everyone.”

Margaret Hooper – Bastrop, Texas

“I now have the best tasting water and I just love the way the Aqua Sphere crew is so easy to contact and quick to respond.”

Fredna Powers – Kingsland, Texas

“We really like the way Aqua Sphere focuses on service. When our softener wasn’t just right, they got right on it and made sure I got exactly what I ordered and are always there when we need anything. We don’t even have to go buy salt anymore, they deliver it right to our door”

Louis & Lydia Hernandez – Pflugerville, Texas

“My bath tub is not yellow anymore, it’s white! No more rust stains! My shower feels so much better than it did before. I was worried about going from city water to well water but the Aqua Sphere guy’s took that worry away. With my custom softener and Clean & Clear drinking water system my water is great.”

Kim C. – Liberty Hill, Texas

Allen, Wanted to drop a note and tell you that Edward and I have been very please with our new water softener system that you had installed for us last May. I also wanted to say thanks for all the years you and your company have provided maintenance on both my old system and the new system. You are always responsive and very professional. Look forward to many more years of doing business with you.

Cindy Gray – Mt. City, Texas  posted on facebook

“Everything the Aqua Sphere team did in our house is perfect. The bug misters don’t stop up  and with the integrated whole house Clean & Clear drinking water system we don’t have to change all of those filters in the refrigerators and ice makers. Just one set of filters to change and drinking water throughout the house saves me a ton of time and money.”

Stennis Shotts – Kingsland, Texas

“I really enjoyed working with The Aqua Sphere team. They are very knowledgeable and very nice. I was extremely impressed! My water is wonderful and these guys provide great customer service.”

Judy B. – Pflugerville, Texas

“I have lived here for 10 years and never drank the water. Now I am drinking more water and getting healthier. The shower water is nicer and my hair feels cleaner. I have even noticed that we don’t have to use as much laundry detergent. Thank you Aqua Sphere, the Refiner made a big difference in our lives”

Henry Z. – Pflugerville, Texas

“Our water tastes great now that we have our ASI Clean&Clear Drinking Water System. The Aqua Sphere staff is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to find the right solution to their water problem.”

J.,M.,L. Lyon – Burnet, Texas

“We are very,very,very happy with our Aqua Sphere Classic Refiner and Clean&Clear Drinking Water System. The size of the unit left us more room and we have safe, chemical free water. Aqua Spheres service is awesome. The installers are dependable and have great people skills . Jeanne is always so cheerful on the phone”

Eddie, Diala & Krystal Wolski – Georgetown, Texas

“We don’t buy bottled water anymore.  The beans cook quicker and we use less tea and coffee.”

Dave & Jan E. – Burnet, Texas


“Washing my hair is a whole lot better.”

Becky Wold – Horseshoe Bay, Texas

“I was having company on Memorial Day weekend and had no water. They came out that day and fixed it, saving me from having to take my company to a hotel. I am very happy with Alan and his company. With his Whole Home Defender, salt free water treatment unit, I now have more water pressure and absolutely love my shower.”

Sharon D. – Horseshoe Bay, Texas

“Thank you for being trusted enough for me to allow you onto my property and into my home … even when I am not there. I appreciate the different ways you have shown kindness to me.”

Betty Fullerton Sandefur – Georgetown, Texas

” Alan and Jeanne made sure everything was right. Their service after the sale was amazing. The Aqua Sphere Clean & Clear makes my coffee taste better”

Robby C. – Liberty Hill, Texas

“I Like It.”

Duane B. – Pflugerville, Texas

“Hi Alan, I just want you to know that I like this online ability to contact you about service needs.   It is so much nicer than searching for your phone number and then waiting on a call back.   Also would like you to know that the service team is always courteous and answers/resolves all my questions and needs.”

Happy New Year, Cindy

“East Main Grill, (Johnson City, TX) loves our water filtration system that we purchased from Aqua Sphere! We get so many compliments on our teas and coffee and just plain glasses of water! Thank you, Alan, for your great service!”

Sandi Flato Kinman – Austin, Texas

“The guys at Aqua Sphere did a great job on our well. The water doesn’t smell anymore, the clothes smell good and are softer, and my hair feels softer.

Nancy Hartley – Burnet, Texas

“This is the fourth system I have purchased from Alan Branson at Aqua Sphere and when I build my next house there will be a fifth. The Aqua Sphere products are the best quality available but the outstanding customer service and maintenance are the reasons I keep coming back.”

Lesha Mitchell – Cedar Park, Texas

“I don’t use as much soap now that I have my Aqua Sphere classic softener. I also like the way they follow-up after the sale and make sure everything is just right.”

J.W. – Ingram, Texas

“Since I got my Aqua Sphere Refiner my shower doors are staying clean, I have cut down drastically on dishwasher detergent and I get no buildup in my dishwasher. It works Great!”

Kris Z. – Pflugerville, Texas

” Aqua Sphere was the only company that would even come and look at my old softener and service it. When they said they would be here, they were here. I really liked the down home feeling I got from them, like they were there to help their neighbor. That kind of service is getting hard to find.”

Jim Lee – Burnet, Texas

“ASI provided friendly, courteous, personal customer service. I love that I have purified water throughout the whole house including the shower. I would recommend them to everyone.”

Tona Vanheerden – New Braunfels, Texas

“No more smell in my water, no filters to change, and I can use the rinse water for my plants. The Aqua Sphere Aquadizer is amazing and so is their customer service”

Tim B. – Burnet, Texas

“I really liked the way Aqua Sphere let us upgrade to different equipment when we needed to. My water tastes just like bottled water.”

Lauren Blankenship – Round Rock, Texas

“The live stock love the cleaner water and the laundry has changed for the better. The water from our Aqua Sphere Aquadizer and water softener feels so different that when the softener ran out of salt we could feel the nasty hardness in the water and knew something was wrong. The advanced metering system on the Aqua Sphere softener even alerted us to a leak in one of our live stock lines and Alan helped us find it.”

John Z. – Bertram, Texas

“Alan was willing to come and explain in detail all of our options. That was very helpful. The Whole Home Defender was very affordable on the ASI Lease to own program and the fact that they maintain it for the next several years as part of it makes it great. I also liked the fact that fixing my old water softener was one of the options. These guys can be trusted.”

Beth LoGuidice – Round Rock, Texas

“Aqua Sphere was not pushy. They were taking care of my family rather than selling a softener. There were no catches or hidden angles and they were very prompt and professional.”

Irene Ankerstar – Round Rock, Texas

“Alan took the time to show us all the options available for solving our problem. Then after the installation they tweaked it until it was exactly what we wanted. The grandchildren aren’t sneezing in the shower anymore. Thank you.”

Kathy M. – Georgetown, Texas

“Alan and his team at Aqua Sphere are extremely knowledgeable, reliable and courteous. I have been a customer since he started his own business nearly 15 years ago. He took great care of the old softener all these years. Now he custom designed a new system for us that is amazing. It is so much better than the other one ever was. I wish I had got him to do that long ago.”

John Smith – Leander, Texas

“Aqua Sphere provided us with fantastic service for almost fifteen years on the very old system we had bought from someone else many years ago and kept it going for much longer than I ever thought possible. The new unit they just put in for us is amazing and much better than anything we have ever had. These guys understand customer service.”

Cindy Gray – Mountain City, Texas

“Alan is our kind of people, not trying to push a product at a higher price. The response time when we had issues was great.  I trust him to do what he says and I really appreciate his honesty.”

Jimmy Evens – Austin, Texas

“The shower leaves me feeling more hydrated and cleaner. The water tastes great. But most of all our child who has sensitive skin and allergies has seen a huge improvement in his skin after getting the Aqua Sphere Refiner installed.”

Bob Mitchell – Cedar Park, Texas

“Consistent, steady, reliable service for 15 years speaks volumes. Since I got the reverse osmosis I love having the purified drinking water and of course the soft water baths are still amazing.”

Laura A. – Buda, Texas

” My new Aqua Sphere water softener makes everything cleaner and nicer. This was a real game changer.”

Susan Deans Smith – Leander, Texas

“Jeanne is very pleasant to talk to on the phone and very professional. They were very fair with me and doing business with Alan and his team has been awesome. I would recommend their  company to anyone.”

Bob Powers – Kingsland, Texas

“Alan and the Aqua Sphere Team did a great job for me. The Whole Home Defender makes the water feel better while it protects the pipes.”

Judy B. – Austin, Texas

“I am extremely satisfied with the products, services, and the quality of water Aqua Sphere provided to my lake house. They made our lake water as good or better than our filtered water in town.”

L. Dodge – Buchanan Dam, Texas

“Our water feels much better. Our previous water softener company never followed up with us, but Aqua Sphere has been here after the sale to make sure everything is right and we are happy.”

Thomas Blankenship – Round Rock, Texas

“The installation was quick. The installers were courteous, neat, clean and on time. The water feels much better now that we have the ASI Whole Home Defender. It is smoother but not slick like salt softeners make it. You can definitely tell the difference on your skin. Our water tastes better and soap works much better too. No more spots on everything, Yea!”

Christopher L. – Austin, Texas

“I don’t know which I like better, my softener or my reverse osmosis. The ASI service takes all the worry out of it.”

Walter A. – Buda, Texas

“We really like the feel of the water on the skin. We use a lot less soap in the laundry. Cooking, Cleaning and everything we do is much improved since we got our water softener from Aqua Sphere. We wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

S. & D. Ploof – Round Rock, Texas

“Our dishes looked like they had never been washed before Alan and the Aqua Sphere team came along. Now they are crystal clear. Life is definitely better when you can wash something and know it will come out clean. Thanks Guys!”

Catherine R. – Hutto, Texas

“We have been very pleased with the customer service we have received over the years as a maintenance customer and we are equally pleased with the new equipment we have purchased from ASI. Thanks very much Alan and company.”
Walt – Buda, Texas

Thank you so much for the amazing service!  We called Aqua Sphere when orange goo started pouring out of our faucets, and Alan himself came out at 8pm on a Tuesday night to repair our broken softener.  His knowledge and experience is obvious and he quickly had it back in working order.  He also explained the most likely cause of the damage and how to avoid it in the future.  Alan went above and beyond for us, and we will definitely be sticking with Aqua Sphere for water softener maintenance and repairs!

Thank you so much for everything!  These days it is so hard to find a company you can trust and depend on but I know I can count on you!

Sarah – Pflugerville, Texas

“Since we got the Aqua Sphere water softener,  Aquadizer and reverse osmosis installed the shower feels different and I can drink the water. We don’t buy bottled water anymore.”

M. Daenzer – Burnet, Texas

“I absolutely love my new water.”

Diane L. – Austin, Texas

“We have been customers of Aqua Sphere for almost 11 years and have never been dissatisfied with their service. It is a relief to have such professional and timely service every month. We love having our hard stinky well water turned into soft drinking water with no smell. Thank you Alan Branson for installing and servicing an awesome drinking water system that keeps our family healthy and safe”

T. Dornfeld – Liberty Hill, Texas

“The guys at Aqua Sphere have been providing us with good, prompt, reliable service for years. They took good care of me at my previous house so I had them put a system in my new home and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

M. Regan – Hutto, Texas

“Now that I have the Aqua Sphere softener I use less shampoo and hardly any conditioner. My skin feels nice as well”

C.P. – Ingram, Texas

“I liked Tammie a lot. She was very helpful in setting up everything. Our water is great! It is everything Alan said it would be.”

Carolyn C. – Fredericksburg, Texas

“I did away with britta filters forever, the water feels great and even the pets love the new water from our Aqua Sphere water system.”

L. Tucker – Lakeway, Texas

“Alan and the guy’s at Aqua Sphere did what they said they were going to do. They even checked back after the sale to make sure everything was just what it should be. The water is soft now and it works great.”

Allen B. – Fredericksburg, Texas

“I love the water quality at my home. The drinking water is remarkably delicious and since the installation, for the rest of the house, by Alan Branson from Aqua Sphere, I think that even my clothes  feel cleaner, the shower feels better on my skin. I love it. Thank you.”

Sylvia H. – Austin, Texas

“I am very impressed with the overall effect and quality of water produced by our drinking water system. The Aqua Sphere team has provided a valuable service.”

G. Shipley – Austin, Texas

“I use less laundry soap and  don’t have build up in the shower. Everything is cleaner with my Aqua Sphere system. I am very happy with it.”

Linda Bertram – Pflugerville, Texas

“The words we would use to describe the guys at Aqua Sphere are Dependability and Integrity. They got rid of the smell in our water with the Aquadizer at a very affordable price.”

Dawn & Bobby T. – Burnet, Texas

” The guys at Aqua Sphere are trustworthy. We have had no problems while Aqua Sphere has been servicing our water softener and reverse osmosis. We have been very pleased with their service for the past 13 years and have added a new clean&clear DWS to my ice-maker and I just love it.”

Shirley R. – Manchaca, Texas

“The Aqua Sphere team members were super nice and polite and did the job right.”

Ken R. – Manchaca, Texas

“The thing that most impressed me about your company is the way you do what you say you are going to do.”

Geri S. – Austin, Texas

“I really like the friendly service. Our water is very hard and our previous water softener just couldn’t do the job. The guys at Aqua Sphere were very responsive to our needs and quick to respond with a very consistent attitude of service until our problem was solved. These guys stand by their products as well as their promises. I would recommend them to anyone.”

N. O’Neill – Spicewood, Texas

” I liked The technicians attitude. He was very comfortable with what he was doing and took the time to explain everything to me in a very understandable way. I don’t know how a system could function better or be easier to use. I find Aqua Sphere to be an honest and straightforward team of professionals”

Frank S. – Austin, Texas

“Just got our drinking water filter installed last Thursday and we already love the water!! What an improvement!! Already a loyal customer!!”

Michelle N. – Austin, Texas

“Thanks to the guy’s at Aqua Sphere my water is now clear and the bad smell is gone. Our laundry is soft and clean and the purity of the drinking water exceeds that of the bottled water we were hauling in.”

A. Szymandera – Bertram, Texas

“I just love the taste of the water from our new ASI Classic reverse osmosis and the ASI Home Defender works great as well. The stains and damage to the fixtures are gone but I don’t have that awful slick feeling and we no longer have to drag home those heavy bags of salt and inconvenient water bottles.”

Mary Lynn S – Bertram, Texas

“The installer was very friendly and answered all of our questions about water filtration and our new water filter system. We are extremely happy with the Aqua Sphere reverse osmosis. Now we have water as good as we carried in and it’s a whole lot more convenient. We even get compliments on our ice.”
S. & R. Robitson – Kingsland, Texas

“We love our clean&clear drinking water system. Alan and the guy’s at Aqua Sphere did a great job for us.”

S. Bisher – Kingsland, Texas

“Getting a clean&clear drinking water system was a wonderful decision.  I love always having plenty of water. I bought my water softener several years ago from Aqua Sphere. They are very neat and clean and respectful of my home. Their Service is Great!”

R. Grund – Sun City, Georgetown, Texas

“The guys at Aqua Sphere replaced my old worn out water softener and filter that had been treating my well water for years. They did a very good job. I am very happy with the new equipment and service and I really liked the special purchase options they offered.”

C. Slater – Georgetown, Texas

“Aqua Sphere water treatment specialists are true professionals. Alan and his team are extremely knowledgeable about water and really knew what was needed  to make our water what we wanted it to be. Best of all they are there when you need them. Their customer service is amazing.”

K. O’Neill – Spicewood, Texas

Great Customer Service!

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service that I received from Aqua Sphere.  Unfortunately I did not contact Aqua Sphere first when I was experiencing trouble with my softener.  I contacted ###### Water Systems who after charging me a $85 service fee not only did not fix my softener, but tried to get me to buy another softener for $1500 or spend $710 to fix my current softener which he informed me would only prolong my softeners life about 1 year. When I confronted the owner with this information he was abrupt, rude, and hung up on me.

On the other hand my experience with Aqua Sphere was totally different.  The service technician that came out, Brandon, was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I was not pushed to purchase a new softener, but instead the needed repairs were made to my unit at half the price quoted by the other water softener company.  My unit is 12 years old and was not maintained by previous owners so it required a lot of work.  Whenever I called I was always greeted with a warm welcome over the phone by Chuck.  On my last service call since I had to call back Brandon was even accompanied by the Owner, Mr. Branson.  They took the time to make sure my unit was up and running the way it should. 

Good customer service and a company you can trust and count on is hard to come by now days.  I am so glad that I have found a company I can now have complete trust in.  Thank you for taking such good care of me.  You have a customer for life with me!  You can be sure that I will refer all of my friends and neighbors to you as well.  Thanks again!

J. Espericueta – Round Rock, Texas

Thank you for reminding me that customer service, while hiding sometimes, is not dead.

Vincent – Pflugerville, Texas

Great Results, Personable, High Integrity!

“My wife and I used Alan for a purification system. From the very first moment he arrived Alan was personable and went far beyond the requirements to earn our trust and business. He is easy to talk to, extremely trustworthy, does not come close to pushing to close a sale. He took time to answer every one of our questions and after all the work was completed gave us GREAT value. We would recommend Alan in a seconds notice.”

J. Henderson – Georgetown, Texas

Hey Alan, just a note to let you know you have earned the Funnell Family Seal of Luxurious Hair and Healthy Water. A day or so after your technician rechecked the system it was back to normal by my judgement standards and very soft again. Don’t really care what fixed it….. it works great !!!

R. Funnell – Austin, Texas